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Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units

Created for Certified Crop Advisors looking to earn Continuing Education Units.

Select courses offered through the Crop Sciences Online Program provide continuing education units (CEUs) for Certified Crop Advisors (CCA). CCAs may enroll in online courses on a noncredit basis to receive continuing education units. You will attend the same classes, and receive the same course materials as full-credit students, but will not receive a grade for the course.

How to Get Started

Please complete the CEU application form. Once received a member of the Online Programs team will contact you to send more information on the program.

Complete the CEU Application Form

You can earn CEUs while taking online classes for the Online Master’s Degree or Professional Development Certificates. Standard tuition would apply.

Approved CEU Courses

Course Nutrient Mgmt. Soil & Water Mgmt. Integrated Pest Mgmt. Crop Mgmt. Prof. Dev. Sustainability
CPSC 413   5 2 5 2 5
CPSC 415 10.5 10.5 5 15.5    
CPSC 416   2

    10 5
CPSC 440       15  
CPSC 505 5 5 5 5 5  
CPSC 588 13     9 10  
HORT 442 20 6        
HORT 466       10 5  


If taking a class solely for CEU credit, tuition and fees are $500 per course. If enrolled in the Online Master’s Program, Professional Development Certificate, or taking a course for academic credit standard online tuition of $664 per credit hour would apply.

How to Report your Credits

Upon completion of the course, please complete the following form to verify and submit your CEU credit.

Complete the CEU Application Form

Forms must be completed no later than a week following the end of a course.