Steven J. Clough

Assistant Professor


  • B.A.: Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley — 1986
  • M.S.: Plant Pathology, University of Georgia — 1991
  • Ph.D.: Plant Pathology, University of Georgia — 1996

Academic Positions

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Crop Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1996 - 2001)
  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Crop Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2001 - present)
  • Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS, Urbana, Illinois (2001 - present)

Honors, Recognition, and Outstanding Achievements - Other

  • My 1998 Plant Journal publication on the floral dip transformation of Arabidopsis was rated as the #1 citation in the biological sciences for the 10-year period of 1995-2005 and has been cited over 3,500 times as of December 2009.

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Zou, J., S. Rodriguez-Zas, M. Aldea, M. Li, J. Zhu, D.O. Gonzales, L.O. Vodkin, E. DeLucia and S.J. Clough (2005). Expression profiling soybean response to Pseudomonas syringae reveals new defense-related genes and rapid HR-specific down regulation of photosynthesis. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 18:1161-1174.
  • Zabala, G., J. Zou, J. Tuteja, D.O. Gonzales, S.J. Clough, and L.O. Vodkin (2006). Transcription changes in the phenylpropanoid pathway of Glycine max in response to Pseudomonas syringae infection. BMC Plant Biol. 6:26.
  • Vodkin, L.O., F. Thibaud-Nissen, D.O. Gonzales, G. Zabala, S.J. Clough, and R.T. Shealy, (2007). An update on soybean functional genomics and microarray resources for gene discovery and crop improvement. Petria 17:43-53.
  • Brechenmacher,L., M.-Y. Kim, M. Benitez, M. Li, T. Joshi, B. Calla, M.P. Lee, M. Libault, L.O. Vodkin, D. Xu, S.-H. Lee, S.J. Clough, and G. Stacey. (2008). Transcription profiling of soybean nodulation by Bradyrhizobium japonicum. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 21:631-645.
  • Wan, J., X. Zhang, D. Neece, K.M. Ramonell, S.J. Clough, S-Y. Kim, M.G. Stacey, and G. Stacey (2008). A LysM receptor-like kinase mediates chitin perception and fungal resistance in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 20:471-481.
  • Libault, M., S. Thibivilliers, O. Radwan, S.J. Clough, and G. Stacey (2008). Identification of four soybean reference genes for gene expression normalization. The Plant Genome 1:44-54.
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  • Bilgin, D.D., Bilgin, D.D., M. Aldea, B.F. O'Neill, M. Benitez, M. Li, S.J. Clough, and E.H. DeLucia (2008). Elevated ozone alters soybean-virus interaction. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact 21:1297-1308.
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  • Bilgin, D.D., E.H. DeLucia, and S.J. Clough (2009). A robust plant RNA isolation method suitable for Affymetrix Genechip analysis and quantitative real-time RT-PCR. Nature Protocols 4:333-340.
  • Calla, B., T. Vuong, O. Radwan, G.L. Hartman, and S.J. Clough (2009). Gene expression profiling soybean stem tissue early response to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and in silico mapping in relation to resistance markers. The Plant Genome 2:149-166.
  • Zhu, J., W.L. Patzoldt, O. Radwan, P.J. Tranel, and S.J. Clough (2009). Effects of photosystem II interfering herbicides atrazone and bentazon on the soybean transcriptome. The Plant Genome 2:191-205.
  • Libault, M., A. Farmer, L. Brechenmacher, J. Drnevich, R.J. Langley, D.D. Bilgin, O. Radwan, D. Neece, S.J. Clough, G.D. May, and G. Stacey. 2009. Complete transcriptome of the soybean root hair cell, a single cell model, and its alteration in response to Bradyrhizobium japonicum infection. Plant Physiology (in press).