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NewCD-ROM Helps ProducersAnd Handlers Manage Stored Grain

By Aces Staff
May 7, 2003

May 7, 2003

URBANA--For years, specialists from University of Illinois and Purdue University Extension have provided training sessions and study materials which help producers and grain handlers understand and effectively manage stored grain pests.

Experts from the both Universities recently combined efforts to produce a self-study CD-ROM that provides a convenient way for both client groups to learn about stored grain pest management at their own pace, either at home or at the office.

The CD, which is easy to install and use on a personal computer, contains movies with narration, photos and text developed by Linda Mason from Purdue, and Bruce Paulsrud, Don White, and Phil Nixon from the U of I..

"The Stored Grain Pest Management Self-Study CD was primarily designed as an educational tool to help Illinois pesticide applicators prepare for certification exams," Paulsrud said. "In addition to learning how to properly apply fumigants and protect themselves during application, users will be able to identify and better understand major pests such as insects, molds, and rodents.?

Mason stresses that, because the CD covers all areas of Integrated Pest Management, including such topics as bin cleaning, temperature and moisture management, pest detection and identification, and mycotoxins, it is appropriate for producers and grain handlers in all Midwest states.

"Application technology, pesticide labels, and legal issues have changed considerably over the past five to ten years and we will experience more changes in the near future," Mason said. "Whether you're an experienced grain handler or new to the industry, this CD will be a valuable educational tool."

She adds that Sanitation, Loading, Aeration, Monitoring (S.L.A.M.), a post harvest IPM strategy that maximizes grain quality and profits, is the cornerstone to maintaining post-harvest quality and is the basis for a solid grain management program.

"This CD examines proactive and preventative S.L.A.M. steps every grain handler can put to use immediately," she said

Paulsrud notes that the system requirements for the CD include a Pentium-based, or equivalent computer equipped with at least 32 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive, sound card and speakers, Windows 98 or newer operating system, and Internet Explorer or Netscape version 4.0 or newer.

The Stored Grain Pest Management Self-Study CD (SP39-8-CD) costs $30.00, plus shipping. To order, call 1-800-345-6087. MasterCard and VISA are accepted.