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Professional Development Certificates

Professional Development Certificates

Supplement your Bachelor's Degree with part-time, online courses targeted in three certificate areas: crop sciences, horticulture, and urban agriculture.

How to Get Started

Complete this form to initiate the process of working towards a Professional Development Certificate. After submitting the form, a member of the Online Programs Team will contact you with more information.

Apply to the Professional Development Certificate Program


  • Complete one 500-level approved course
  • Complete two 400-level approved courses (at least 2 credit hours or more)
  • Take courses for academic credit and earn a "B" or better for all courses
  • Please see the list below for specific course requirements for each certificate specialization

Coursework cannot be used to qualify for multiple certificates but can count towards an Online Master's Degree.

Crop Sciences Certificate Course Requirements

  • Complete two Crop Sciences courses (CPSC)
  • Complete one approved course within the College of ACES

Horticulture Certificate Course Requirements

  • Complete two Horticulture courses (HORT)
  • Complete one approved course within the College of ACES

Urban Agriculture Certificate Course Requirements

  • Complete one of the following courses: HORT 434 or HORT 435
  • Complete two courses from either Crop Sciences (CPSC) and/or Horticulture (HORT)

How to Register for an Online Course

Professional Development Certificate students register through Illinois Online.


Estimated tuition and fees for the Professional Development Certificate depend on the number of courses and hours taken. See Illinois Online for tuition and fee information.

Obtaining your Certificate

Upon successful completion of certificate requirements, please click on the link in the e-mail you were sent when you first applied to request your Certificate. Once completed and submitted, we will confirm all requirements are met and send your Certificate in the mail. If you can't find your acceptance email, please contact Dianne Carson.

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