Juliann Rose Seebauer

Principal Research Specialist


  • M.S. Crop Physiology, University of Illinois, 1990
  • B.S. Agricultural Science, University of Illinois, 1987

Academic Positions

  • 2018-present Principal Research Specialist in Agric., Dept. Crop Sciences, UIUC
  • 1996-2018 Senior Research Specialist in Agric., Dept. Crop Sciences, UIUC
  • 1995-1996 Research Specialist in Agriculture, Dept. of Crop Sciences, UIUC
  • 1990-1995 Research Specialist in Agriculture, Dept. of Agronomy, UIUC

Research Interests

  • Yield
  • Soybean yield and physiology
  • Role of roots in nitrogen uptake
  • Whole- plant physiology
  • Source- sink partitioning
  • Maize kernel development and growth
  • Maize in vitro kernel culture
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE)

Honors, Recognition, and Outstanding Achievements

  • Academic Professional Award for Innovation and Creativity, 1997, Dept. of Crop Sciences, UIUC.
  • Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholar, 1984

Honors, Recognition, and Outstanding Achievements for Research

  • Academic Professional Staff Award for Sustained Excellence in Research

Chapters in Books

  • Seebauer, JR, and FE Below. 2018. Use of in vitro kernel culture to study maize nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism. In: M. Lagrimini, editor, Maize: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 1676. Springer Nature, New York, NY. p.3-13.
  • Below, FE, Seebauer JR, Uribelarrea M, Schneerman MC, Moose SP. 2004. Physiological changes accompanying long-term selection for grain protein in maize. In: J. Janick (ed). Plant Breeding Reviews: Long-term selection: Maize. Vol. 24. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ. p. 133-151.
  • Below FE, Cazetta JO, Seebauer JR. 2000. Carbon/nitrogen interactions during ear and kernel development of maize. In M. Westgate and K. Boote (eds.) Physiology and modeling kernel set in maize. CSSA Special publication no. 29. CSSA-ASA. Madison, WI. p. 15-24.

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Butts-Wilmsmeyer, CJ, JR Seebauer, L Singleton, FE Below. 2019. Weather During Key Growth Stages Explains Grain Quality and Yield of Maize . Agronomy 2019, 9(1), 16.
  • Mastrodomenico, AT, JW Haegele, JR Seebauer, FE Below. 2018. Yield stability differs in commercial maize hybrids in response to changes in plant density, nitrogen fertility, and environment. Crop Sci. 58:230-241.
  • Below, F, T Beyrer, A Mastrodomenico, J Seebauer. 2017. Efficient management of water and nutrients. Fluid J 95:7-11.
  • Ruffo, ML, LF Gentry, AS Henninger, JR Seebauer, FE Below. 2015. Evaluating management factor contributions to reduce corn yield gaps. Agron. J. 107:495-505. doi:10.2134/agronj14.0355
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