Leslie L. Domier


Dr. Domier is working to identify genes in wild soybean relatives that can be used to enhance soybean productivity. He studies viruses that infect soybean pathogens and pests and their potential use to reduce crop losses.

Primary Disciplines


  • Ph.D.: Genetics, University of Minnesota — 1984
  • B.S.: Biology, University of North Dakota — 1978

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Agindotan, B.O., Domier, L.L., Gray, M.E., Bradley, .C.A. 2015. Detection and characterization of the first North American mastrevirus in switchgrass. Archives of Virology. 160:1313-1317.
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  • Chang, S., Thurber, C.S., Brown, P.J., Hartman, G.L., Lambert, K.N., Domier, L.L. 2014. Comparative mapping of the wild perennial Glycine latifolia and soybean (G. max) reveals extensive chromosome rearrangements in the genus Glycine. PLoS One. 9(6):e99427.
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