Leslie L. Domier


Primary Disciplines


  • B.S.: Biology, University of North Dakota — 1978
  • Ph.D.: Genetics, University of Minnesota — 1984

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Lee Marzano, S., Domier, L.L. 2015. Novel mycoviruses discovered from metatranscriptomics survey of soybean phyllosphere phytobiomes. Virus Research. doi:10.1016/j.virusres.2015.11.002
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  • Chang, S., Thurber, C.S., Brown, P.J., Hartman, G.L., Lambert, K.N., Domier, L.L. 2014. Comparative mapping of the wild perennial Glycine latifolia and soybean (G. max) reveals extensive chromosome rearrangements in the genus Glycine. PLoS One. 9(6):e99427.
  • Agindotan, B.O., Domier, L.L., Gray, M.E., Bradley, .C.A. 2015. Detection and characterization of the first North American mastrevirus in switchgrass. Archives of Virology. 160:1313-1317.
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  • Li S., JI, P., Domier, L.L., Zhang, N., Bluhm, B.H. 2015. Draft genome sequence of Phomopsis longicolla MSPL 10-6 Genome Announcements. 3:55–56.
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  • Han, J., Domier, L.L., Dorrance, A., Qu, F. 2013. First report of soybean vein necrosis-associated virus in Ohio soybean fields. Plant Disease. 97:693.
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  • Nam, M., Koh, S., Kim, S.U., Domier, L.L., et al., 2011. Arabidopsis TTR1 causes LRR-dependent lethal systemic necrosis, rather than systemic acquired resistance, to Tobacco ringspot virus. Molecules and Cells. 32:421-429.
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  • Chang, S., Hartman, G.L., Singh, R.J., Lambert, K.N., Hobbs, H.A., Domier, L.L., 2013. Identification of high-quality single-nucleotide polymorphisms in Glycine latifolia using a heterologous reference genome sequence. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 126:1627-1638.
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  • McClellan, M.S., Domier, L.L., Bailey, R.C., 2012. Label-free virus detection using silicon photonic microring resonators. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 31:388-392.