Nicholas J. Seiter

Research Assistant Professor and Faculty Extension Specialist

Dr. Seiter develops and evaluates management strategies for insect pests of field crops. His research includes developing economic decision-making tools, identifying natural enemies of insect pests, and assessing insect control methods for their effectiveness and fit within management systems. His overall goal is to provide management recommendations that improve the economic returns and environmental profile of insect management practices.

Primary Disciplines


  • Ph.D. Entomology, Clemson University, 2014
  • M.S. Entomology, Purdue University, 2009
  • B.S. Entomology, Purdue University, 2007

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Extension Entomologist, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, June 2014-September 2017
  • Research Assistant Professor, Field Crop Entomology, University of Illinois, September 2017-present

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Del Pozo-Valdivia, A. I., N. J. Seiter, D. D. Reisig, J. K. Greene, F.P.F. Reay-Jones, and J. S. Bacheler. 2016. Megacopta cribraria (Hemiptera: Plataspidae) population dynamics in soybean as influenced by planting date, maturity group, and insecticide use. Journal of Economic Entomology 109: 1141-1155.
  • Seiter, N. J., A. I. Del Pozo-Valdivia, J. K. Greene, F.P.F. Reay-Jones, P. M. Roberts, and D. D. Reisig. 2016. Management of Megacopta cribraria (Hemiptera: Plataspidae) at different stages of soybean (Fabales: Fabaceae) development. Journal of Economic Entomology 109: 1167-1176.
  • Portilla, M., W. Jones, O. Perera, N. Seiter, J. Greene, and R. Luttrell. 2016. Estimation of median lethal concentration of three isolates of Beauveria bassiana for control of Megacopta cribraria (Heteroptera: Plataspidae) bioassayed on solid Lygus spp. diet. Insects 7, 31; doi: 10.3390/insects7030031.
  • Bowling, R., M. Brewer, D. Kerns, J. Gordy, N. Seiter, D. Buntin, T. Royer, S. Biles, and E. Maxson. 2016. Sugarcane aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae): a new pest of sorghum in North America. Journal of Integrated Pest Management 7(1): 12, 1-13. doi: 10.1093/jipm/pmw011
  • Elliott, N., M. Brewer, N. Seiter, T. Royer, R. Bowling, G. Backoulou, J. Gordy, K. Giles, J. Lindenmayer, B. McCornack, and D. Kerns. 2017. Sugarcane aphid spatial distribution in grain sorghum fields. Southwestern Entomologist 42(1): 27-35. doi: 10.3958/059.042.0103
  • Harris-Schultz, K., X. Ni, P. A. Wadl, X. Wang, H. Wang, F. Huang, K. Flanders, N. Seiter, D. Kerns, R. Meagher, Q. Xue, D. Reisig, D. Buntin, H. E. Cuevas, M. J. Brewer, and X. Yang. 2017. Microsatellite markers reveal a predominant sugarcane aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) clone is found on sorghum in seven states and one territory of the USA. Crop Science 57. doi: 10.2135/cropsci2016.12.1010