Patrick J. Brown

Adjunct Professor

Primary Disciplines


  • B.A.: Reed College — 1999
  • Ph.D.: Cornell University — 2008

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois (2010-present)

Research Interests

  • The maize ear The evolution of maize from its wild progenitor teosinte was originally discredited because the maize ear looks so different from the female inflorescence of teosinte. I’m following up on some work initiated during my postdoc to assess the contribution of specific gene families to the awesome phenotypic diversity observed in maize ears.
  • Genetic architecture of complex traits in sorghum SorghumÂ’s diploid, sequenced genome and phylogenetic proximity to Saccharum and Miscanthus, both complex polyploids, make it a logical model for studying the genetic control of quantitative traits in the Saccharinae clade of grasses. Traits relevant to bioenergy feedstock development are of particular interest: flowering phenology, carbon allocation, perenniality, and plant architecture.
  • Genetic improvement of sorghum as a bioenergy crop Sorghum is also of interest as a bioenergy crop in its own right. A seed-planted bioenergy crop enjoys several advantages over a vegetatively-propagated crop, including reduced plantings costs, quicker establishment, and accelerated scaling-up of desired genotypes. Of particular interest are seed-planted intergeneric hybrids that use sorghum as the female parent and related polyploids in the Saccharinae as pollen donors.
  • Genotyping-by-sequencing GBS offers several advantages over array-based genotyping, including low development costs, reduced ascertainment bias, and the potential to estimate relative dosage. I am particularly interested in using GBS to genotype polyploid crop species and wide hybrids.

Selected Articles in Journals

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