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Crop Production

Crop Production

Finding solutions to complex agricultural issues by examining crop production methods.

The crop production group evaluates agricultural practices and systems concerning crop yield, profit, environmental and ecological consequences with the goal of identifying best practices for local and international growers to produce more with less. Major crops under active investigation include corn, soybean, wheat, oat, alfalfa, and forage species, as well as apples, tomatoes, sweet corn, and ornamental plant species. Current projects include crop growth and development, crop management techniques, integrated pest management, crop competition, cover crops, rotations, tillage, plant nutrition, cultivar evaluation, and agroecology.

Research Areas

  • Bioenergy Crops
  • Grain Crops
  • Fruit and Vegetable Crops

Current Research

Bioenergy Crops

Bioenergy crops, specifically native prairie grasses provide additional benefits to mid-western producers including increased biodiversity, pest management, and environmental conservation. Researchers in this area, are looking to find ways to make these plants more productive for energy use. In addition to productivity, researchers are also developing increased cold tolerance traits in perennial grasses including Miscanthus, sugarcane, and sorghum.

Fruit and Vegetable Crops

Locally and across the globe, our researchers study the biology and production of fruit and vegetable crops including tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, apples, and more. From plant diseases to pests we look at practical production and post-harvest practices to improve nutrition and safety of all horticultural food crops.

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