Welcome to the University of Illinois Crop Sciences Department! We invite you to explore the resources on these pages, and we hope you’ll visit us on campus as well.

Crop Sciences consists of a group of agricultural plant science disciplines, including:

  • Plant improvement (plant breeding, plant genetics, molecular biology and genomics)
  • Plant protection (entomology, plant pathology and weed science)
  • Production management and ecology (agronomy, horticulture, agricultural ecology and regenerative agriculture)
  • Data acquisition and analysis (statistics, biometry, bioinformatics and digital agriculture) 

Our scientific work ranges from basic discovery to developing practical applications. We translate what we learn and discover into improved ways to grow food, fiber and fuel while protecting our planet.

Our world-class faculty conduct research, education and extension to address agricultural grand challenges facing society. These include:

  • Improving global food security
  • Adapting to and mitigating global change
  • Protecting water and soil quality
  • Finding renewable sources of energy

By addressing these challenges, we make progress toward a sustainable future.

Our educational mission is to train the next generation of scientific leaders to develop and implement agricultural innovations that balance productivity, profitability and sustainability.

In the Crop Sciences community, you’ll notice the balance between outstanding courses and plentiful opportunities to get your hands dirty, both literally and figuratively, with experiences in research, internships and clubs. We’ll help you build your knowledge and network to grow strong career pathways.

Come join us at Illinois Crop Sciences, where you can do well by doing good.

Dr. Adam Davis
Professor and Department Head, Crop Sciences

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