Amy is a student in the Department of Crop Sciences and a member of the Crop Sciences Student Ambassador Program. Read more about Amy in the Q&A below.

Amy Gomez

What is your name?
Amy Gomez

What is your Major?

Where are you from?
Mundelein, IL

What is your favorite part of being a student in the Department of Crop Sciences?
My favorite part of being part of the Crop Sciences Department is spending time at Turner whenever I need to study.

What do you do for fun outside academics?
Outside of academics, I enjoy taking pictures with my camera and spending time with my friends.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?
After I graduate, I plan to go to grad school, but there's a possibility that might change.

What is one thing you want people to know about Crop Sciences, the College of ACES, or the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?
The class sizes are one of the best parts. They're a perfect size and provide a great opportunity for getting to know others with similar interests.

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