January Newsletter

New CPSC Major, Our new Plant Biotechnology major, has been approved!

February Newsletter

Variable weather makes weeds harder to whack.

March Newsletter

Rising temperatures also alter photosynthesis in a changing climate.

April Newsletter

2021 Glen “GB” Brandt Prize Awarded to Crop Science's Alumni Will Glazik.
Agronomy Day

Summer Newsletter

U of I Agronomy Day happens statewide throughout the Summer of 2021.
Welcome Back

August Newsletter

Welcome Back from Department Head Adam Davis

Sep.-Nov. Newsletter

The Crop Sciences community attended the 2021 ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting, participating in poster and oral contests, giving talks and presentations, mixing and mingling with other attendees, and meeting with students at our booth.

December Newsletter

Wheat and barley growers know the devastating effects of Fusarium head blight or scab.