January Newsletter

Researchers find a tradeoff between water quality and emissions on the farm.
Hans Müller Paul and Matthew Hudson

February Newsletter

CROPSR: A new tool to accelerate genetic discoveries.
Alex Lipka, Jessica Rutkoski, and Juan Arbelaez

April/May Newsletter

CPSC offering a free quantitative plant breeding workshop in June.

September Newsletter

1st place undergrad team (Yudai Takenaka, Caleb Van Hoveln, Nathan Welch, and Travis Wilke)
1st place undergrad team calibration (same as above)
1st place undergrad individual (Yudai)
1st place undergrad individual written calibration (Yudai)
Morrow Plots

October Newsletter

Sarah Richey: A comforting touchstone on a busy campus.

November Newsletter

Farmers in China and Uganda move to high-yielding, cost-saving perennial rice.

December Newsletter

Holiday favorite good to go for 2022.