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Master's Degree

Master's Degree

Advance your career with an Online Master's Degree in Crop Sciences. Our program focuses on relevant agricultural issues backed by the academic reputation of a world-class research institution.

How to Apply

Online Master's Degree students apply through the Graduate College.

Admission Requirements

After successful completion, you can apply to the Online Master's Degree Program.

Degree Requirements

  • Complete 32 hours of coursework for academic credit, and maintain a B grade average or better
  • Of the 32 hours, 12 hours of coursework must be at the 500 level
  • Following the completion of your coursework, you must pass a comprehensive exam administered by faculty and the Online Programs Coordinator.
  • Fulfill the list of core course requirements from the following list:

Online MS Program Core Courses

CPSC 594 – Professional Orientation CPSC (1 hr) *Required
CPSC 505 – Research Methods in Plant Sciences (4 hrs) *Required

Crops/Crop Production – Two Required

CPSC 412 – Principles of Crop Advising (3 hrs)
CPSC 415 – Bioenergy Crops (3 hrs)
CPSC 518 – Crop Growth and Development (4 hrs)

HORT 435 – Urban Food Production (3 hrs)

Genetics/Plant Breeding – One Required

CPSC 466 – Genomics for Plant Improvement (2 hrs)
CPSC 563 – Chromosomes (3 hrs)

Plant Physiology/Biochemistry – One Required

CPSC 499 – Organic Chemistry for Plant Sciences (4 hrs)
CPSC 588 – Plant Biochemistry (4 hrs)

HORT 421 – Horticultural Physiology (4 hrs)
HORT 442 – Plant Nutrition (4 hrs)
HORT 466 – Plant Physiology & Biology (4 hrs)

Insects/Soils/Pathology – One Required

CPSC 408 – Integrated Pest Management (3 hrs)
PLPA 405 – Plant Disease Diagnosis & Management (3 hrs)

Environmental Aspects – One Required

CPSC 413 – Agriculture, Food and The Environment (2 hrs)
CPSC 416 – Native Plants and Agroecosystems (4 hrs)

Statistics – Recommended

CPSC 440 – Applied Statistical Methods (4 hrs)

Potential Elective Courses

Electives not limited to courses listed below.

CPSC 473 – Management of Field Crop Insects
HORT 430 – Children and Nature
HORT 434 – Designing Urban Agriculture
NRES 403 – Watershed and Water Quality
NRES 488 – Soil Fertility & Fertilizers

How to Register for an Online Course

Students in the Master's Degree Program register through Illinois Online.


Estimated tuition and fees for the Online Master's Degree Program depend on the number of courses and hours taken. See Illinois Online for tuition and fee information.

Questions About Our Online Program?

Contact Dr. A. Lane Rayburn
Online Programs Coordinator

Contact Dianne Carson
Graduate Program Assistant Coordinator