First-Year Students

Undergraduate applicants can submit an application to one of our four majors:

The university's Office of Admissions and Records processes applications, and the College of ACES Academic Programs Office makes admission decisions. First-year admission is based on several factors, and it's best to review the following:

Transfer Information

On-Campus Transfer Process

If you're a current student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and are interested in changing your major to one of our majors, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Be sure to check the ICT processing periods to find out when you should apply to transfer. 
  2. Read about the ICT transferring requirements to one of our majors by visiting the UIUC Intercollegiate Transfer Process webpage.
  3. You can also email to discuss your future classes and goals. We are happy to help advise transfer students before officially submitting and processing the ICT paperwork.

Off-Campus Transfer

Off-campus required courses for transfer students:

Find required courses for admissions in the transfer student handbook under the pages for one of our majors: Agronomy, Crop Sciences, Plant Biotechnology or Computer Science + Crop Sciences. We recommend using Transferology to find the equivalent classes at your institution.

In addition to the classes required for transfer, we recommend other classes you may want to take at your institution. Please consider scheduling a visit with our crop sciences recruiter to discuss your specific career goals.