Become a leader who advances food and fuel production at home and across the globe.

Nearly all of the courses in the department are taught by faculty, and class sizes average 30 students. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor who shares their intellectual interests and supports their career development.

Choose a Concentration

Choose a concentration to tailor your education to your personal, academic, and career interests. Become a leader who advances food and fuel production at home and across the globe.


Become a leader in sustainably feeding the world while caring for the environment. Learn how natural ecosystems and agriculture coexist by studying plants, ecology, and environmental issues.
View the Agroecology degree requirements.

Crop Agribusiness

Prepare for the business side of crop production by integrating business and crop sciences through classes in plant sciences, finance, and management of agricultural enterprises. 
View the Crop Agribusiness degree requirements.

Horticultural Food Systems

Lead the way in urbanizing agriculture and increasing food security by studying horticultural fruit and vegetable crops in urban and local food systems.
View the Horticultural Food Systems degree requirements.

Students picking apples at sustainable farm.
Student planting seeds in greenhouse.

​​​​​​​Hands-on Research Opportunities


With more than 100 undergraduate research positions available, you’ll be immersed in revolutionary research happening in crop sciences. You’ll gain real-world experience working alongside faculty actively working to solve global challenges.



    Areas Of Employment

    • Agribusiness
    • Agroecology
    • Biotechnology
    • Crop and Food Production
    • Digital Agronomy
    • Plant Breeding and Genetics
    • Urban Agriculture and Horticulture
    • Water Quality and Environmental Systems
    • Weed Science

    Areas Of Advanced Study

    • Crop and Food Production Systems
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Plant Genetics
    • Plant Pathology
    • Soil Science
    • Weed Science

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