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Undergraduate Degree Options

Degree Options

Our Department offers students three cutting-edge undergraduate majors: Computer Science + Crop Sciences, Crop Sciences and Plant Biotechnology.

Computer Science + Crop Sciences Major (CS+CPSC)

The first of its kind, the CS+CPSC major is an innovative undergraduate program that prepares students to collaborate with researchers on managing, interpreting, and analyzing data to advance agriculture and technology practices.

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Crop Sciences Major Concentrations

Students majoring in Crop Sciences receive the education and experiences needed to be leaders in advancing food and fuel production at home and across the globe. Select a concentration tailored to your personal, academic, and career interests.

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Plant Biotechnology

With a Plant Biotechnology degree, you can help feed billions sustainably, improve our planet’s health, and make a direct impact on agriculture and the world. Advance plant breeding and plant improvement by learning critical skills in molecular biology, genetics, and genomics.

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Crop Sciences Minors

Crop and Soil Management



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