Cannabis Certificate in Horticulture

Cannabis Certificate

Be on the frontier of this fast-paced, emerging opportunity. The Cannabis Certificate program will help you build a foundation of cannabis production skills from classification to physiology to production management.

The Online Cannabis Certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of the cannabis classification system, including subspecies and varieties, and proper management practices for target compounds and products.

Understanding cannabis biology and taxonomic classification is critical for proper management practices for the production of essential oils, psychoactive compounds, fiber, and seed oil and protein, and applications of those products. Discrepancies between scientific and vernacular names of cannabis and the inconsistency of vernacular names mislead producers and consumers.

This cannabis certificate program will help students become equipped with knowledge for cannabis indoor, outdoor, and large-scale field production; classification of subspecies and varieties, biology, propagation, planting, pest management, and harvesting of target compounds and products.

Who should take this certificate

Undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree seeking Students wanting to learn more about cannabis production and seeking jobs in these emerging industries.

​All course credits from the Certificate Program are transferable academic credits from the Certificate Program.

How to Get Started

Complete this form to initiate the process of working towards a certificate in horticulture. After submitting the form, a member of the Online Program Team will contact you with more information.

Certificate Form

Certificate Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours within the Department of Crop Sciences
  • Courses:
    • HORT 100, Introduction to Horticulture (3 hrs., online asynchronous in Spring)
    • CPSC 180, Medical Plants and Herbology (3 hrs., in-person in Spring/online asynchronous in Fall)
    • CPSC 480, Cannabis Classification and Management (3 hrs., in-person in Spring/online synchronous in Fall)
    • HORT 341, Greenhouse Management & Production (4 hrs., online asynchronous in Spring)
  • Earn a grade of C or better in 12 credit hours of class work
  • Coursework cannot be used to qualify for multiple certificates.

How to Register for an Online Course

Register through Illinois Online.

Obtaining Your Certificate

Upon successful completion of certificate requirements, please click on the link in the e-mail you were sent when you first applied to request your Certificate. Once completed and submitted, we will confirm all requirements are met and send your Certificate in the mail. If you can't find your acceptance email, please contact D.K. Lee.

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